Prediction Data

Here is an example on how your data (table) can be represented as a json array.

Note: In order to use your data in the SDK or via the API, you need to further stringify the json array (You can use something like JSON.stringify() for this.).

    "id": "job-1",
    "salaryFrom": 36000,
    "salaryTo": 50000,
    "daysAgo": 240,
    "companyType": "Startup",
    "jobLevel": "Experienced",
    "technologies": ["Python", "Java", "C++", "C"],
    "benefits": ["Flexible working hours", "Team events"]
    "id": "job-2",
    "salaryFrom": 42000,
    "salaryTo": 60000,
    "daysAgo": 100,
    "companyType": "Established company",
    "technologies": ["Git", "Docker", "JavaScript"]